About US

About us

BSD Global is a private limited company incorporated in Singapore under Singaporean law. We began operations in 2021. We provide the best in life sciences items such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbal remedies, medical gadgets, and cosmetics.

BSD excels in both therapeutic and critical care categories. Our significant capabilities in value-added services such as manufacturing, marketing, and quality control enable us to develop and design superior healthcare products. We have a team of people with a wide range of experience to cater to your healthcare and wellness needs.

Our goal is to broaden our worldwide presence in the generic market, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific area. We are always working to improve the formulation, product/process optimization, and analytical technique development and validation.

Who we are

BDS Global is a well-established pharmaceutical trade corporation and is the primary wholesaler and exports of pharmaceutical items. The pharmaceutical supplies are sourced directly from the quality manufacturer. Our key principle is dedication to customer service and providing a high-quality product. In today’s global pharmaceutical trade industry, interacting with suppliers’ or customers’ cultures and demands gives us an edge over others.

The BDS Global storage facility has high-quality amenities as well as a backup generator. Our office manager reviews the temperature daily, which is managed and monitored by calibrated digital thermometers. We have an extensive worldwide network, with offices in Myanmar, Singapore, and other countries. We provide high-quality drugs at reasonable pricing.

why choose us

Competitive Product Quality

Only the best can thrive in the extremely competitive industry of drug manufacturing for foreign markets. To produce the highest quality final formulations, a solid infrastructure with high accuracy in production is imperative. BSD has a long history of producing medicinal dosage forms for the global pharmaceutical industry. We are proud to,

  • Be able to offer high-quality items at cheap rates that can enhance the health and quality of life of many people throughout the world.
  • Have a contemporary production infrastructure that includes WHO / GMP-certified facilities.
  • Employ cutting-edge technology and have a team of skilled personnel to ensure that every product that leaves our plant meets the WHO-GMP Guidelines and other world-class standards.

This enables us to provide the highest quality final formulations to meet your every demand.

Excellent Quality Management

To control the quality of incoming and finished products, BSD has highly trained and experienced personnel. We use systems to monitor quality at each level. To stay internationally competitive, BSD undertakes periodic self-assessments through a voluntary self-audit of its operations.

BSD is committed to providing value and happiness to our clients by:

  • Meeting the customer’s specified product quality requirements.
  • Quality Management and cGMP training and awareness for staff



To become the first choice of the client and to establish market leadership in the worldwide business arena. To play a critical role in consistently bridging the gap between the country’s demand and supply chain in pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, cosmetics, and industrial products and services.

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To become a leading company in Southeast Asia and beyond in offering world-class services by consistently enhancing the quality of our services in the fields of import, export, and general commerce by reacting proactively to the niche sector of society at a reasonable price. We aspire to:

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We aspire to:

  • Assure such that the highest level of quality and on-time delivery.
  • Utilize optimal production methods and technologically advanced procedures.
  • Encourage cooperation and foster an environment that encourages fresh ideas.
  • Work with strong business principles and develop new product lines.

Keep in touch!

If you think you have a business opportunity or a prospective collaborative proposal, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.